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FileOpen and APS PDF DRM removal

Fileopen and APS PDF DRM Removal Script

The project (latest script version: ineptpdf 8.4.51) has cost me a lot of nerves, caffeine and my (non-grey) hairs. It took me over 400 hours of hardcore reverse engineering and a lot of trial and error to get it right. Meanwhile my friends were hanging out on the beach, drinking cocktails and getting serious with the chicks. On the other hand, now they are getting accustomed with BP sponsored oil (*hehe*).

The FileOpen support has been added to the existing ADEPT PDF DRM scripts from I♥Cabbages ( click ) so I didn’t have to get serious with the PDF interals (at least not more than needed). It has the same requirements (Python version, PyCrypto, …) as the original script so with Python-related problems you might check out his site, too. Of course the script decrypts ADEPT PDFs (used in Adobe Digital Editions) as well. In that case you need the ineptkey script to get the key file (adeptkey.der). More information on that topic can be found at the specific mobileread forum discussion thread.

The FileOpen plugin is a privacy killer. It checks your network address, your harddisk id, your cpu id, your username, your hostname, when you open and close your document and how many times you already have printed it. Despite the information on their website it doesn’t support AES  (at least as far as I have seen). And yes, these methods may remind you of dystopian alternative realities like 1984 or Brave New World (you might want to check out the little story at click ).

You might want to check out the ‘FAQS’ and ‘bug report’ sections for more information.

As for the preachy part: Don’t use it to make illegal copies.

I’m not getting paid for writing the script and of course it is under the GPL. Nevertheless, if you want to help to create more freedom in the Web, it would be a nice gesture to donate a few (symbolic) bucks to organizations like your local Pirate Party (Pirate Party International (harrrrrrr – I want to meet a local pirate)), the EFF (EFF donation site) or, of course, myself => 😉 (BitCoin address: 1HRnjahgD3Tb7AHEjjUuf79mwtqKYTuUFg ) Even a very small donation will help to create more freedom and privacy in the web (legal disclaimer: I’m not related to these organizations in any way nor do I profit from donations).

If you send me proof of your donation (email can be found in the ‘about’-section) I might think about getting a Linux version running as well.

proven donations until now: (EFF: 1 (100 USD/0 Euro), Pirates Party: 0 (0 Euro), Myself 0 (0 Euro)

Thanks to all donors. 🙂

Known limitations:

  • no support for old fileopen encryption (haven’t seen such files for a long time)
  • password window sometimes doesn’t close itself
  • no Linux support (yet)
  • no Mac support (refers only to the FileOpen functionality,  ADEPT and Adobe Policy Server works fine)
  • Adobe (Reader) X may not work – read the FAQs for more information

If you think you have found a bug (script didn’t decrypt the pdf) check out the ‘faqs’ section carefully and study the information in the ‘bug report’ section.


Download: (due to DMCA concerns no direct download link available)


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