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FYI: New FileOpen Plugin version released

Apparently there is a new FileOpen Plugin version. So far it’s only available for Windows and I know of no practical publisher`s implementation.

If that will change I will have to get into it.

We’ll see about that when/if it will happen. 😉




Update to 8.4.51: automatic APS offline key retrieval

Adobe and the referencing companies got wind of this little script. So they circle through the keys faster than Paris Hilton through her shoes. 😉

Neisklar and 80ka80 wrote some nice scripts to retrieve the keys (thanks so far for the effort). I adopted and modified it and included it in this update.

APS support is still experimental and the key retrieval only works for one major (German) publisher but the keystones are set and I think it’s possible to transfer it to all other companies.

The script update has one disadvantage: If you got an APS pdf and they change the key afterwards you can’t decrypt it (the script always gets the newest key). As you’re using a library system anyway you can just redownload it use the script faster. Anyway that problem will be addressed later.


Update to 8.4.50: New APS-Onleihe Offlinekey and better error messages

If you are member of the rare “Onleihe community” you might want to check out this special update. Additionally there are better error messages (at least sort of ^^).

Make sure you don’t get the beta version of 8.4.50 (as marked in the comments).


Background information: Mac (and Linux) support

Recently I had some positive experience with Mac users so I consider implementing Mac (and Linux) support in the future. And there will be a merging with Apprentice Alf’s improvements (ineptpdf 7.6) so it will be at least usable with ADEPT systems (Adobe Digital Editions). In fact Mac works (for ADE) already if you have pycrypto installed.

The problem with Linux and Mac support is that I need IDA Pro (6.0) for Linux and Mac so it will probably take me a while to save the additional money (both cost at least 419 Euro). Btw. this is not a request for donations but rather an explanation about the stones which can be found in a reverser’s way. 😉

I’ll keep you informed.



Update to 8.4.49: some small improvements

An update I wanted to post for a few days.

FYI: Not much spare time for me so I probably won’t  answer you immediately.


Update to 8.4.48: improved tolerance for false file/registry entries

This update might solve (some of the remaining) ident4d problems.


Update to 8.4.37: script identification change to Adobe Reader

Script identification change to Adobe Reader.

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