Update to 8.4.11: alternative ident4id calculation

Everybody who got a

Unsupported Ident4D Decryption, report the bug to the ineptpdf script forum

in the past might want to check out ineptpdf 8.4.11.

Small update: The error can still occure if your login name has capital letters in it (like Peter …). A fix will released soon.

This update took significant more time than expected. FileOpen has implemented more obfuscation without more security.

Status update:  Everybody who want to see a complete Linux version might think about motivating me with a donation to EFF or your local Pirate Party. As I got no donation proof at all I’m saving my time,  watch soccer and drink my favorite beverage.

Linux fans (and everybody who wants to support freedom in the web) – it’s your turn 😉 …


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